I thank God Almighty for his Love towards us Nigerians, gratefully I thank Mr. President for his bold step toward actualizing this great task of removing this fuel subsidy, before now, I know that a day like this will come, gloriously here we are it is done. Thank God for transaction kind of leadership and transformational kind of leadership, as a Democrat, I visualize that Mr. President has applied this two key factors of leadership, I hope he will continue on this race.

I thank the Labour President and Labour Minister and all who join on this curse to better our owned Country for the great of our Children and Children, Children.

I plead on all Nigerians and all organizations involve to embrace this awesome development in our country for the first time in the history of our Nation, to experience this kind of impact that will affect all Nigerian at all levels.

Let us lean to embrace and encourage good ideas for our own good and that of our generations to come, all Nigerian will agree with me that Nigerians will not perish at once our upspring most live to see all the legacies either good or bad we left behind.

Mr. President Sir. I and my Team we say (GAA-NIHU) (GO AHEAD) it shall be well with our dear Country our founding Fathers fought for.

To My Great Hon. Minister for Youths, I thank you for all the effort so far, I urge you and your admirable office to please try and see that your followers are educated. I will let you know that, the heart of this Nation lies on your head, the youths of this Nation will dearly hold you responsible even youths in Heavenly places will not forgive you. African youths for positive Change Initiative Urges you to haste up to avoid more lost of Youths in your time.

Thank You All and God bless you

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