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Certificate of Appereciation from EDN

African Youth for Positive Change Initiative Just Received a Certificate of Appreciation from Earth Day Network.and proudly announces our Official Partnership to EDN to all our members and friends.


EDN 2012

Join Us as We African Youth for Positive Change Initiative in Collaboration with Youngstars Development Foundation, International Youth Council, Youth Aglow For Africans Development, Life Care Outreach, Happy Foundation, and Hope Alive Support Group Organization.

Brought To You RUNINIG GREEN MOBILIZES THE EARTH 2012, On (EDN) A Youth Action Group On Climate Change. Holding In Aba Enyinba City of Abia State. Watch Us As We Go Green In All Aspect Of Life.

History Makers of Our Time.

ABRAHAM LINCOLN: A good name is better than silver and gold, value is
what having,

War and Reconstruction by the Hero of our time;

Abraham Lincoln wanted to take active part in determining the war strategy and throughout the war, he emerged himself in the military campaigns, during the war, he authorized his commander to target civilians and destroy infrastructure, with a view to weaken south morale and its economic ability to continue the war.

Reconstruction of the united state began during the war with continues efforts to reintegrate the United States. Under his amnesty proclamation, issued on 8 December 1863, great Lincoln decided to offer pardon to those who had not held confederate civil office, he has not mistreated Union prisoners; on the clause to sign an oath of faithfulness.

As soon as the state were recaptured, great Lincoln called for a speedy election to determine the unity and reconstruction of the United States. Towards the end of the war, Lincoln visited Virginia after it was taking by the Union Forces to give a massage that the President of the United State held Authority over the entire Land.

The President came back from the visit on 9th April 1865 and soon after, the war was over with rebel armies surrendering to the Union Forces. After the war was over, Lincoln took measures that determined the Democracy and Equality in America and ensured a “Republic form of Government”

Great Lincoln signed the Homestead Act in 1862, which made acres of Government held Land available for purchase at a very low cost. The Morril land –grant Collages Act was also signed in the same year which provided Governments Grant for Agricultural , Universities in each State.

The National Banking Act of 1863, 1864 to 1865, formed a strong National Financial System of Government. In a milestone step towards Economic Stability, the Legal Tender Act of 1862 was signed which established the United Nations Note, the first paper currency in the American History.

Both present and past Leaders, President and Governor, Senator, House Members, down to the State Local Counselors aimed and prefer to travels to United State for relaxations, without asking him or herself what value am I, rather we have ended in doing evil to our Nations and Continent at large,

Great Lincoln notice the need for a change and apply a critical thinking to it by commanding his commander to target the civilians and destroy infrastructures,

To us what are we doing? Killing our owned people, Destroying (Human Resources) all over Africa today war has being the order of the day, without asking ourselves those who died in war what do we gain and loss and check both to find out,

Many of our leaders reject to invest in our Nations rather laying their eggs that, theirs owned person will not benefit from their effort, (too Bad for Africans)

Have we ask ourselves what is our value? No one will deliver us except us (US) is hard time we embrace good leadership, eat good leadership, and talk good leadership, “for this Continent Na We Own”


All Followers of African Youth for Positive Change Initiative are hereby inform on the Network upcoming program of Earth Day 2012, our Platform will be embarking on a program that will inspire Youth of our time to live Positively on 1st April 2012, before 22 day of April 2012 the whole World will mark the event. Please for more info contact:, or call +2348039097711!/groups/198691043532757/

American International Health Alliance training workshop, an eight days training program that educate Para- Social Workers on how to care and support Orphans and Vulnerable Children in our society (OVC) and HIV/AIDS.

It is a program whereby a Para-Social Worker (PSW) under goes an extensive training on way in which he or she can reach out to this OVC’s without given them the impression that they are less important in the society instead gives them hope of a brighter future.


Mr. President

I thank God Almighty for his Love towards us Nigerians, gratefully I thank Mr. President for his bold step toward actualizing this great task of removing this fuel subsidy, before now, I know that a day like this will come, gloriously here we are it is done. Thank God for transaction kind of leadership and transformational kind of leadership, as a Democrat, I visualize that Mr. President has applied this two key factors of leadership, I hope he will continue on this race.

I thank the Labour President and Labour Minister and all who join on this curse to better our owned Country for the great of our Children and Children, Children.

I plead on all Nigerians and all organizations involve to embrace this awesome development in our country for the first time in the history of our Nation, to experience this kind of impact that will affect all Nigerian at all levels.

Let us lean to embrace and encourage good ideas for our own good and that of our generations to come, all Nigerian will agree with me that Nigerians will not perish at once our upspring most live to see all the legacies either good or bad we left behind.

Mr. President Sir. I and my Team we say (GAA-NIHU) (GO AHEAD) it shall be well with our dear Country our founding Fathers fought for.

To My Great Hon. Minister for Youths, I thank you for all the effort so far, I urge you and your admirable office to please try and see that your followers are educated. I will let you know that, the heart of this Nation lies on your head, the youths of this Nation will dearly hold you responsible even youths in Heavenly places will not forgive you. African youths for positive Change Initiative Urges you to haste up to avoid more lost of Youths in your time.

Thank You All and God bless you

HAPPY 2012

Dear Friends. With all due respect to mostly the Executive Director of Youngstars Development Initiative and all Members of the Organization, and Most Gratefully to National Endowment for Democracy Washington DC USA, and to all Alumni/fellows of the Organization, and to all Lovers of Democracy and Good Governance, and to all our friends and well wishers. I Mr. Joseph I. A the President/coordinator of African Youth for Positive Change Initiative thank God for you all, and pray on behalf of My Team to all Lovers of Change, that God Almighty will see us through and help all of us to actualize this great dreams of Making Africa and the World A batter place for all. I must say Thank You, as we step into 2012 may His Light Shine upon Us and His Grace Sufficient to all of us, HAPPY 2012

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